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Bitter Sweet 2013 Max Muscle

Posted in: Testimonials  on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Goals for the season were easy and clear.  Go after the World record in the Flying 200 for 45-49 Men’s age group was set by Chris Murray from Australia at 10.9….. My Goal 10.8

Late 2012(Oct 15th –Dec 31st.) after getting back from Manchester England and having a “good year”, top ten at Masters Worlds. The primary objective was active recovery and get all the needed pieces in place (Equipment(Bike and Weights), Sponsorship, Nutrition, Coaching).

Yes I use a Coach.  I have been coaching others for almost 25 years and I still use a coach. A lot of it is about objectivity, it is way too easy to get stuck in second guessing yourself, both under and over shooting.

I also rely heavily on my local Max Muscle owners/experts.  I am a Anatomy & Physiology Professor, a practicing chiropractor, an elite level cycling coach…however I can’t keep up to date on all the new data that comes out.  I know what has worked for me in the past as a bodybuilder/power lifter.  Not what is current and cutting edge and still legal. Which is where the MM experts come in.  The Longmont/Thorton owners Scott and Dawn, along with Corey have been invaluable as resources for my journey.  Helping me set up supplementation that I don’t have to wonder or ponder…Just follow directions.

Now days a completely different game, I race track and I’m a sprinter.  No, not the running type.  I am a portion of the cycling community that thinks that riding a bike on the road isn’t dangerous or exciting enough. I race a fixed gear, single speed bike with No Brakes, on what looks to be a Large wooden or concrete salad bowl. At speeds >40 mph, where contact is just a part of racing “if your not bumping, your not racing”(Days of Thunder, 1990)

Body mass not a big deal, it is all about watts/kg.  Many Top track sprinters slightly represent Bodybuilders “on bikes”.  What that means….How much absolute power can your legs generate at a very high rpm(above 120cadence or rpm).  IF your watts/kg is high and you are/aren’t lean....Awesome! 

If your watts/kg are not High enough…Lose extra non force producing weight (ie..Fat) or get stronger.

Hmmm how about we do Both!!!

January 2013 time to put it all into place.  “A” Races will be Gran Prix of Sprint, Masters Track Nationals in July and then Master Worlds in Manchester UK in October.

January – May, Training is going Great.  Not enough time on the road or on the track.  Tons of time and efforts in the basement, both in the weight room and on the bike.  
Weights 3 x/week
Bike/Trainer/Ergo 5-6x/week
Working with Scott and Corey at Max Muscle on recovery.  At over the age of 40, I believe that it is even truer that the workout is a very small part of growth or adaptation.  The bigger part…Recovery.  There is a saying from “Master Tyson” You cannot Over Train, however it is easy to Under Recover.

They have put together for me a great daily plan and a great recovery plan on the supplement/nutrition side.  I start off the morning with:

5:00 a.m. MTX, ZMA, 30 minutes later a Protein shake of Max Pro Orange, fortified with Max Glutamine or a standard breakfast depending on the day and training schedule.
2:00 p.m. Directly after either my only or workout #2, a Protein shake of Max Pro Orange, fortified with Max Glutamine and Max Creatine.
3:00 p.m. MTX, ZMA
8:00 p.m. GHTX
9:00 p.m. CNS Black Out

Power was going up, weights were going up, cardiovascular fitness was moving up.  Then it happened…I was out for an easy ride, decided to do a short wind up sprint.  Then next thing I remember I was on the road, touching the yellow line with my left hand looking down the road……. Ouch!! I was on a Fixed Gear at about 30 mph, left foot came unclipped…about .25 seconds later…. my right foot came to the top of the pedal stroke and threw me on my head.

CT showed some abnormalities on the back right portion of my brain. Off the bike and weights for a minimum of 6 weeks. Even at the 6-week mark if I had any dizziness or headaches, more rest needed.  Did some very light riding and for the most part followed Dr’s orders.

Hmmm Goal now….recover.  I have always felt very confident that I knew the right things to say to my athletes that I coach when fate razes its ugly head.  How do I move forward in my season when one does not even know how much time you need off to heal/recover.  You talk to Your People!!  Talked to my docs and other experts.  I talked to Dawn, Scott and Cory.  Everyone….First Goal get Healthy.  In your head you know that people have your back…….It is always awesome to actually hear it, and I did.  Scott and Dawn offered advise on brain healing supplements and let me know that they were their for me.

Coming Soon,
Part II, I actually do get a season…with a minor set back or two.