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Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Randy Taran of Palo Alto, California felt helpless as she faced her tearful teenaged daughter across the kitchen table. “I want to be happy,” her child said. “But I just ... More

Awesome Oats!

Posted in: Recipes

Tired of eating the same bowl of oatmeal every morning to get those complex carbs? Spice it up. The thought of having to scarf down a plain bowl of mundane oatmeal ... More

Spice Up Your Grilling with Chimichurri!

Posted in: Recipes

Summertime is nearly upon us and that means a lot of food is cooked on the grill. What better way to spend a warm relaxing evening than with friends, family, ... More

Get the Competitive Edge with Proper Nutrition

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

Get the Competitive Edge with Proper Nutrition The nutrition spotlight is often on fat loss, but what if your goal is enhanced sports performance? Here are five nutrition tips to help ... More

9 Thinking Mistakes

Posted in: Nutrition Planning

9 Thinking Mistakes That Will Derail Your Weight-Loss Progress Many of us know what we should be doing to lose weight but have trouble doing it. If that resonates with you, ... More

Which Pre-Workout is Right for Me?

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

With many pre-workout formulas on the market, it can be tough to decide which one will best support your energy levels, focus, and endurance in the gym. For purists, there ... More

To Buy Organic or Not

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

To Buy Organic or Not: Making Smarter Food Choices You’ve likely seen organic products offered at many of the places you shop. You’ve also probably noticed they come with a higher ... More

Max ARM: Your Best Bet for Recovery

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Max Muscle Nutrition’s Anabolic Recovery Matrix, better known as Max ARM is the perfect post-workout drink. The elite product engineers that head Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s Research & Development team ... More

Hey Joe, Why is Fiber Important?

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

By now we should all be aware of how important fiber is in our diets. There are literally hundreds of scientific studies proving the benefits of fiber are nothing short ... More

May Special

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

BOGO 50% OFF in May!  See store for product availabilty and details! More

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