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Do You Have Poor Self Image?

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

What does the phrase “unhealthy self-image” mean to you? Most likely, you picture someone who thinks she’s fat even though she’s at her ideal body weight, a cringing wallflower, or ... More

10 Lies We Tell Ourselves

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

There are many reasons goals go unfulfilled. It’s true that sometimes life happens. But can we owe our failure to make traction with our goals solely on this fact? Or ... More

Get Your Cleanse On...To Lose Weight

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Most people don’t think of a product that addresses the function and health of the intestine as a weight loss product, but they should. Cleanse & Lean offers a solution ... More

Jicama Shrimp Tacos

Posted in: Recipes

Jicama Shrimp Tacos(Serves 4) Ingredients Cilantro Lime Sauce:•¾ cup cashew cheese•1 clove garlic•1 lime•1 lemon•1 large avocado•1 bunch cilantro, as needed•Sea salt, as needed•Black pepper, as needed•Water Shrimp Taco:•¼ cup olive oil•¼ cup ... More

Why You Need Protein

Posted in:

Feeling a wee bit sluggish? Weaker than you think you should be after a workout? Not recovering quite as quickly as you used to? If any of these situations apply ... More

Men's Muscle Stack

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

As difficult as losing weight can be, gaining muscle can be even more difficult. It’s not as straightforward as simply eating more. While many gym-goers are afraid of becoming “too ... More

Westminster Monthly Special

Posted in: News

BOGO 50% OFF or B3G1 FREE! (BOGO is limited to one protein, B3G1 no restrictions) see store for details! More

5 Ways To Achieve a Healthy Balance

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Consider these five steps to avoid burnout, find empowerment and create a more balanced life. We live in a fast-paced, plugged in, often stressful, go-go-go kind of world. Many of us ... More

Get Your Head in the Game

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Big events have a way of bringing an inordinate amount of energy into our lives. We imagine exactly what victory would feel like (our loved ones rushing the field to ... More

Roasted Brussels & Sweet Potatoes

Posted in: Recipes

A few ideas for the healthier potluck or dinner party at home: substitute riced cauliflower for potatoes as it promotes digestion (something vital to surviving heavy holiday meals); use wheat ... More